The Sims 2 cheat sheet


There are a great deal of The Sims 2 cheats on the market that can let your Sims dwell their finest life, from preserving their starvation at bay to incomes thousands and thousands in minutes.

If having your Sim battle via a low paying job and residing in a tiny house reminds you an excessive amount of of actual life, you may at all times use cheats to get forward.

The Sims 2 nonetheless has a strong fanbase, so let’s check out among the finest cheats on the market to get additional cash, an even bigger home and even internet your self an enormous group of buddies. Be warned, although; getting into too many cheats can corrupt your recreation, so save frequently.

The Sims 2 cheats

To enter cheats, press Management, Shift and C, then pop in your cheat code and press Enter. When you kind Assist into the bar you’ll get a listing of cheats, too.

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You too can have your individual music in The Sims 2. Open up MyDocuments/EAGames/TheSims2/Music/Radio station style, and replica and paste your chosen MP3 observe into the folder. Load The Sims 2 again up and go to the radio station you set your music into and it’ll play everytime you use that station.

There’s additionally the Free Pizza trick. Order a pizza however don’t acquire it from the supply individual. Ultimately, they’ll go away the pizza outdoors your door and you’ll stack them. They don’t go stale and your Sim may have free pizza.

When you enter boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true/false you’ll allow debug mode. You’ll be able to spawn Tombstone of Life and Demise, Rodney’s Demise Creator and different objects.

You too can manipulate a Sims talent ranges, character, relationships and motives by dragging sliders up and down.

When in Create-a-Sim, you may as well press Shift and N earlier than creating your first Sim to unlock extra pores and skin tones, garments and hairstyles that might usually solely be utilized by NPCs. Shift and click on on a Sim in Dwell Mode to deliver up the debug menu for extra enjoyable.

The Sims 2 cash cheats

The Sims 2 gameplay cheats

ageing on/off

prevents Sims from ageing and pauses being pregnant.

AspirationLevel Zero-5

units your Sims aspiration degree.


unlocks all profession rewards on your Sim.

The Sims 2 constructing cheats

moveObjects on/off

You’ll be able to transfer normally non-moveable objects, however you received’t be capable to retrieve a mailbox or bin in the event that they’re eliminated so watch out.

boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false

Can place an object outdoors the standard confined grid.

boolProp enable45DegreeAngleOfRotation true/false

Permits 45 diploma rotation on objects. Use the keys to rotate objects diagonally.

boolProp lotTerrainPaints true/false

Set to false to cover terrain paints on the bottom.

boolProp lotWater true/false

Set to false to take away water on the lot, however received’t have an effect on swimming swimming pools.

boolProp lockTiles true/false

Set to false to permit the tiles of the pavement and street to be modified, in addition to permitting for the location of flooring tiles on the very edges of the lot.

boolProp constrainFloorElevation true/false

Set to false to permit tiles occupied by partitions, flooring, and foundations to have their elevations modified.

intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims quantity

Adjustments the utmost variety of Sims allowed on lots. When you invite too many Sims you might discover your recreation lagging lots.

The Sims 2 neighbourhood cheats

loadLot lotName optionally available household identify

Masses the chosen lot and can transfer the household into it.

boolProp lotTerrainLighting true/false

Toggles whether or not tons mild up when the cursor is moved over them.

boolProp displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel true/false

Toggles the show of bridges.

boolProp displayLotImposters true/false

Toggles the show of buildings..

boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater true/false

Toggles the show of water.

boolProp displayNeighborhoodFlora true/false

Toggles the show of timber and crops.

boolProp displayNeighborhoodRoads true/false

Toggles the show of roads.

boolProp displayNeighborhoodProps true/false

Toggles the show of decorations.

boolprop nhoodWaterReflection true/false

Toggles the show of reflections within the water..

boolProp CameraDriftCamEnabled true/false

Toggles the digicam motion when idle.

boolProp carsCompact true/false

Toggles the element degree of automobiles.

boolProp carsOnRight true/false

Set to false to permit automobiles to drive on the left, appropriately.

boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true/false

Set to true to show the lot’s filename when the cursor is moved over the lot.

The Sims 2 miscellaneous cheats

boolProp objectShadows true/false

Toggles the show of shadows from outside objects.

boolProp guob true/false

Toggles the show of shadows from indoor objects.

boolProp simShadows true/false

Toggles the show of shadows solid by Sims.

floatprop particleDensity Zero-10

Makes transparency of stink clouds, rain and so forth kind of seen.

boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false

Permits using postprocessing cheats

bloom r g b x (rgb is shade) (x is the bloom quantity) Zero.Zero – 1.Zero

This cheat provides a blur impact, like a sitcom flashback second.

vignette centerX centerY X Zero.Zero – 1.Zero

Provides a blur impact.

filmGrain val Zero.Zero-1.Zero

Makes the display screen grainy like an previous movie.

letterBox val Zero.Zero-Zero.four

Provides a letterbox impact to the view.


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