The Division 2 finest builds – Get Raid prepared with these high tier units for each playstyle


Leaping again into saving D.C throughout this free weekend?

The Division 2 has been out within the wild for some time now, and the finest builds are beginning to emerge. We’ve rounded up a number of from our associates over at Arekkz gaming, specializing in a few totally different playstyles.

Now the raid is unlocked, you’ll be eager to spec out the very best raid construct too.

If you happen to assume your set-up is best, let everybody know within the feedback!

One of the best builds in The Division 2

Earlier than you may actually begin to get into the meat of The Division 2’s metagame and optimise your construct for raids and excessive finish play, you want to increase your Gear Rating as excessive as doable. This fashion you’re “raid prepared” and geared up to face the hardest enemies the sport has to supply.

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One of the simplest ways to hit the max Gear Rating is to constantly farm the Occupied Darkish Zone for high-end loot, in addition to exotics. As defined within the video, your finest wager is to repeat Landmarks within the Occupied Darkish Zone, which your you a lot possibilities at grabbing high tier loot.

While you’re farming on this method, attempt to equip your highest Gear Rating gadgets, since this offers you the very best probability for greater scored loot to drop.

When you’ve received an honest set-up at degree 500, now’s the time to deal with min-maxing your construct.

Utilizing the Recalibration Station you may enhance your gear and model units previous the smooth cap of 500, so hold rerolling your finest stuff till it’s the very best it may be.

2 million injury Marksman SVD construct

This PvE construct offers a ridiculous quantity of harm to elites, which might soften a number of the Division 2’s hardest enemies.

The first weapon for this construct is a Paratrooper SVD with the Abilities, Ranger, Correct, and Cease, Drop, and Roll. Ranger offers an additional 2% injury for each 5 meters you might be away from a goal, whereas Correct is a fundamental 15% buff to accuracy, and Cease, Drop, and Roll removes a standing impact out of your character for those who roll as soon as each 60 seconds.

As for mods, use the EXPS3 Holo Sight for +eight% injury to Elites, the Examine Marksman Magazine, a Vertical Grip, and a Flash Hider 7.62.

Within the secondary slot, use an unique weapon with the Holster Expertise “Brutality”, like Ruthless. This provides your photographs a 5% probability to deal an additional 20% of harm as explosive injury.

Use the Sharpshooter Specialization with the One within the Head ability at tier 5, and That is my Rifle ability at tier three. It’s also possible to use the Demolitionist Specialization due to the explosive injury buffs.

To your gear, you wish to roll for the offensive attribute “Harm to Elites”, “Weapon Harm”, and Marksman Rifle injury. The Abilities you wish to attempt for are “Onerous Hitting”, which offers an additional 15% further injury to Elites, and “Devastating” which grants an additional 5% weapon injury.

The model units bonuses to look out for are three/three Airaldi Holdings for +10% Accuracy, Headshot Harm, and Marksman Rifle Harm, one Douglas and Harding for the Accuracy, and one Wyvern Put on for Vital Harm.

5 Million Harm sniper construct

If you happen to thought that 2 million was excessive sufficient, there’s an excellent stronger construct on the market that makes extra sacrifices however actually ramps up the punishment.

The rundown of this one comes from YouTuber widdz, who makes use of the Nemesis unique sniper.

First up, use the Sharpshooter Specialization with the identical perks as above.

As for gear, he makes use of one Murakami Industries piece for a small well being buff, however with a excessive Harm to Elites offensive attribute and Onerous Hitting Expertise.

Then he makes use of a Fenris Chestpiece as a result of it might have each an energetic and passive Expertise – this has Onerous Hitting and Unstoppable Power, which grants further weapon injury after killing an enemy primarily based in your max armour.

To profit from this he makes use of a set of Gila Guard Kneepads with the Onerous Hitting Expertise for the 5% buff to whole armour.

The remainder of the construct is made up of three Airaldi Holdings items with the Abilities Onerous Hitting and Devastating. Look out for Marksman injury and weapon injury attributes on this stuff.

Excessive Harm Explosive LMG construct

This PvE construct is made across the “On the Ropes” Lively Expertise, which is on the Wyvern Put on backpack. On the Ropes will increase your Weapon Harm by 25% when your whole expertise are on cooldown, an enormous buff which you may make full use of with a fast-firing excessive injury LMG.

In your gear you wish to search for the Onerous Hitting and Damaging Abilities, and also you want seven Utility attributes to activate On the Ropes.

For the first, attempt a excessive injury M60, whereas utilizing both Ruthless or Cruel because the secondary for the Brutality Holster Expertise.

As for manufacturers, attempt three items of Wyvern Put on for Vital Hit Harm, Drone Talent Energy, and Vital Hit Likelihood. Then select one piece of Airaldi Holdings for the Accuracy, one piece of China Mild Industries for the Explosive Harm, then one Petrov Defence Group for the LMG Harm.

The abilities used have been the Stinger Hive due to its brief length and the Fixer Drone, as a result of you should use it to heal rapidly then cancel it for an extended cooldown.

One shot Grenades Division 2 construct

This construct is just like the final one, however relies on the Demolitionist ability tree and focuses on the M32A1 Grenade Launcher and your common concussion grenades greater than different weapons and armour units. It will probably completely soften individuals in PvP, so generally is a welcome addition to any squad.

To essential this construct you want to accumulate gear items with the “Damaging” Expertise, which you’ll roll on gear items in all six slots. This provides you +20% explosive injury, which as you’d count on, actually provides up when you may have it on 5 items of armour.

Different Abilities that you simply wish to look out for are “Mad Bomber” which will increase your grenade radius by 150%, one other massively helpful improve, and “To Order”, which helps you to cook dinner grenades by holding the fireplace button. The latter is beneficial as a result of it might assist you to account for enemy repositioning slightly than having to all the time lead your photographs.

As a part of this construct as effectively, it’s worthwhile to search for a bit of China Mild Industries gear – which supplies you an additional 10% buff to explosive injury – and a Petrov Defence Group piece which supplies you +10% LMG injury.

In your main slot, search for a excessive injury M60 or comparable LMG which has a big journal measurement. Then in your secondary slot equip the Ruthless or Cruel Unique AR with the “Brutality” Expertise, which supplies your photographs a 5% probability of dealing an additional 20% of its base injury as explosive injury.

In your Demolitionist ability tree, you wish to guarantee that Explosive Ordinance and Onslaught are tier three, and you’ve got Braced for Impression.

A mixture of all of those elements signifies that your concussion grenades – in addition to your grenade launcher – can one-shot absolutely anything and anybody in PVP, and you may deal big quantities of harm on the whole.

And that’s it! If you happen to’re in search of the very best expertise, how one can get The Chatter Field SMG and Nemesis sniper rifle, then take a look at our final The Division 2 information.


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